What Is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is internet-based computing that allows storing and accessing data remotely rather than a computer’s hard drive. A cloud computing platform has virtual shared servers that provide infrastructure, software, devices, and other resources to users.

Companies and organizations can access these services without managing the resources involved. Thus, users can focus more on their core business processes instead of spending time on resources required for managing their business processes.

Cloud computing customers do not own or manage the physical infrastructure because they are made available by a third-party service provider. Cloud computing allows companies to avoid hefty capital investments. Businesses use resources as service and pay for the software, tools, or other resources they use.

Features of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is gaining more popularity day by day. The main reason is that many companies are going online and need a platform to store and access data efficiently. Here are some of the best features of cloud computing services.

Resource Pooling

A cloud service provider offers computing resources pooled to serve many customers via a multi-tenant model. Both physical and virtual resources are assigned and reassigned based on customer demands. These resources can be storage, memory, processing, and network bandwidth.

Broad Network Access

A user can access resources over the network through standard mechanisms, such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and network stations. Broad network access means hosting resources in a private cloud network. A user or company can access these resources from different locations using the internet.

On-Demand Self-Service

A customer can use computing resources, tools, software, storage, server time, and other network capabilities without interacting with the service provider. It allows companies to provide their customers with access to computing resources when they need them.

Measured Service

A cloud computing system automatically controls and optimizes resources based on customer’s demands. The service provider monitors, controls, and reports resource utilization, providing transparency to the provider and customer. Cloud computing is a measured service and allows for the effective use of resources.

Data security

Cloud computing offers exceptional data security. It creates a copy of data and information automatically to avoid data loss in any form. In case one server loses the data, the cloud platform will restore the copy version of the data from the other server.

Data security is perhaps the best feature of cloud computing, which comes in handy when multiple users work on the same file, and it gets corrupted. The copy version of the data would be restored, which can be used by the user again.

Affordable Service

Compared to other infrastructures, a company pays to the service provider when it needs resources like storage, memory, software, tools, etc. A cloud computing platform does not charge any additional amount. In simple words, there are no hidden charges paid by the customer. Thus, this makes cloud computing a reliable and affordable service.

Final Words

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the world of information technology. More and more companies are using cloud services to streamline their business operations. Do you want to run your cloud resources run efficiently? Experts at Clovertex can help automate and improve your business operations through its managed cloud services. Contact us today!

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