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Cloud technology and High-Performance Computing (HPC) are swiftly emerging as essential tools for the pharmaceutical industry, finding relevance in both the research (discovery phase) and the development (clinical phase) processes. This shift towards more computational reliance in the cloud is not without reason.

The immense volume of data produced during pharmaceutical research, coupled with the intricacies of drug discovery, necessitates the need for such advanced technologies. Cloud and HPC are vital for promptly analyzing extensive datasets, whether from genomics, systems biology, cryo-EM, or clinical trials, all of which are central for effective Pharma R&D. It’s integral to recognize the symbiotic relationship here: as the intricacies of scientific research demand more advanced computational solutions, the burgeoning computational domain rises to meet these challenges. Based in Boston, Pharma cloud computing solution provider Clovertex recognizes this dynamic interplay and stands at the forefront of this transformation. Through this article, we’ll explore how Clovertex offers a harmonious blend of bespoke and productized cloud computing solutions tailored for Pharma R&D, addressing the IT challenges in a specialized industry.

Symbiotic evolution of scientific complexity and computational expansion

The relationship between science and compute is not one-sided. The more science extends its frontiers, the more it leans on its computational counterparts. In turn, innovation in the computational domain drive novel science. The formidable combination of HPC and evolving algorithms, especially in the realms of machine learning and AI, equip researchers with the tools to simulate, analyze, and predict phenomena with an unprecedented level of precision and speed.

Take, for example, the task of using cryo-EM to determine a protein structure. This process involves the convoluted processing of massive, Terabyte-sized datasets and demands significant computational power. Against a backdrop of metrics such as ‘time-to-structure’, ‘cost-per-structure’, and ‘structures-per-month’, the importance of rapid and efficient computation becomes paramount. This emphasis aligns with Clovertex’s mission to expedite drug discovery and ultimately save patients’ lives. Similarly, identifying rare adverse events in drug trials is akin to finding a needle in a haystack, a challenge that also greatly benefits from the capabilities of HPC.

The pharmaceutical and biotech industries are at the cutting edge of this symbiotic evolution. Recognizing the vast capabilities of HPC, these sectors are eyeing groundbreaking innovation and expedited R&D. However, the journey to fully integrate these computational tools isn’t straightforward. Transitioning to a computational paradigm is more than just flipping a switch. It involves navigating the complex world of HPC, which is often beyond the scope of generic, standalone IT solutions.

How Clovertex addresses specific research needs and shared challenges

The pharmaceutical sector faces unique challenges due to its varied scientific and computational demands. Solutions must be both tailored for individual scientists and wherever possible standardized, ready-to-deploy for widely-used commercial and open-source software with benchmarked configurations. Navigating this landscape requires deep knowledge of both the scientific domain and cloud platforms like AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Consultancy engagement with a generic cloud partner that lacks an understanding of a customer’s specific scientific needs can result in IT solutions misaligned with what scientists truly require. It’s essential that a move to the cloud doesn’t diminish the scientist’s user experience. Even if an IT solution is formally achieved, it won’t be effective if it’s not user-friendly for scientists. For example, while ‘containers’ are favored in cloud environments, they can sometimes modify a scientist’s software interaction or performance, discouraging its use. Ideally, cloud solutions should be seamlessly integrated and tailored to meet the distinct needs of this specialized and regulated industry. Truly excelling in this space requires a knack for figuring out how to align technological capabilities with scientific demands efficiently. Clovertex distinguishes itself in this regard with a two-fold strategy. One aspect emphasizes unmatched consultancy in pharmaceutical HPC, backed by a synergistic team of scientists and cloud engineers. This commitment to tailor-made solutions ensures clients access top-tier expertise and support.

In addition to bespoke solutions, Clovertex can streamline intricate workflows into productized solutions, allowing for quick and seamless implementation across various client environments. While these offerings provide a foundational standard, they are also adaptable, ensuring they cater to specific needs. One such flagship product is Numen™ (meaning ‘divine’). Designed as a scientific discovery platform, Numen™ integrates securely within a client’s network infrastructure, adhering to all IT regulations (your data never leaves your network), and offers a user-centric interface for advanced tasks like genomics and cryo-EM. Next, we’ll detail how Numen™ addresses the specific challenges associated with cryo-EM.

Numen™ Scientific Discovery Platform removes the undifferentiated lifting for cryo-EM

Cryo-EM is an invaluable tool in drug discovery, allowing scientists to observe previously intractable targets in unparalleled detail. However, the computational demands of cryo-EM are immense and bring forth several industry-wide challenges. Among these are the imperatives of robust security, efficient data transfer management, the balancing act between GPU and CPU computing needs, staying updated with evolving open-source software tools, and proficiently managing vast datasets.

Numen™ emerges as the answer to these hurdles. Numen™ is a fully managed platform-as-a-service (PaaS), constantly adapting to the ever-evolving cryo-EM and cloud technology landscapes. With Numen™ at their disposal, researchers can immerse themselves in their work, assured that the computational intricacies, timely software updates, and data management are effortlessly taken care of in the background.

Engage with Clovertex and experience Numen™

As digital science takes on an even more significant role in pharma, it is solutions like Numen™ that will define the future. They empower researchers to push boundaries, expedite discoveries, and innovate freely by harnessing the full potential of Cloud and HPC. This acceleration translates to quicker drug discovery, manufacturing, commercialization, and ultimately, faster treatments that save lives.

Clovertex is fully equipped and committed to advancing this mission, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions, from bespoke and made-to-measure to off-the-rack services, all designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. This strategy not only guarantees maximum flexibility but also promises optimal cost-efficiency. Numen™ stands as a prime example of this ethos, especially evident in its adept handling of the computational intricacies of cryo-EM workflows.

To witness the capabilities of Numen™ firsthand and explore how Clovertex can serve your needs, we invite you to contact us and see Numen™ in action.



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