Scientific Discovery Platform

A Scientist-First Approach to Scientific Workflows

Built with the drug discovery process and scientific workflows in mind, the NUMEN™ scientific discovery platform provides scientists with access to domain-specific tools and data with a fast, scalable, and cost-efficient infrastructure that can be deployed in a single click.

What Makes NUMEN Different?

Remove Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting in the Cloud

Build scalable infrastructure with one-click deployment and access the compute and analytics capabilities transparently and flexibly while managing and optimizing cost and performance.

NUMEN  makes the best options available to scientists through:

Understanding the behavior of the scientific applications

Extensive benchmarking for cost and performance optimization

Standardization and optimization built into the deployment

Providing flexibility for customization to the scientists

Collaborate from Anywhere at Anytime

The NUMEN platform can be easily accessed from within the cloud environment globally, ensuring scientists will always have access to data and tools while providing a collaborative environment to share data and results quickly across the organization.

NUMEN can change the way your organization works together by:

Access Tools, Computing, and Data All in One Place

Remove the barriers to organization-wide drug discovery data analysis and insights by converging the capabilities of multiple tools into one platform. NUMEN supports the use of commonly used open-source and commercial software with ease, allowing scientists to access their favorite tools with minimum configuration changes.

With NUMEN, scientists can access:

Transparent IT Compliance and Security

Deploy the platform in the customer’s own cloud environment, while meeting or exceeding the organization’s security, access control, and compliance requirements.

NUMEN allows you to easily:

Ready to Get Started with NUMEN?

Contact us to learn more and set up a demo to explore how NUMEN can change your drug discovery process and scientific workflows.

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