Database Migration

Clovertex has the expertise to help customers of all sizes successfully migrate Oracle/SQL Server…..etc to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL or Aurora MySQL or RDS. We perform cloud-to-cloud, on-premise to cloud migrations and are experts at designing and moving your assets to public, private or hybrid cloud environments.

Our end-to-end migration approach guides our clients through every aspect of the migration process and ensures your environments are optimize for ongoing operations. We have the experience to integrate a wide range of AWS services that ultimately will increase your business stability and flexibility.

Clovertex Migration Services

Oracle to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL

We know all about database migrations to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL or RDS PostgreSQL AWS and we can move your Oracle database to into the Amazon cloud within a short period of time.

SQL Server to AWS

We know how to overcome all issues that may occur as part of the lift-and-shift process migrating SQL Server to AWS RDS or EC2 instances.

Oracle to Amazon

We have the expertise required to help customers of all sizes successfully move Oracle to AWS cloud, and the know-how to optimize performance following cloud adoption. We are ready to guide you through the entire migration process and help optimize your Amazon Aurora environment after cloud adoption.

Migrate SQL Server to Amazon Aurora MYSQL

When planning to move the data from SQL Server to Amazon Aurora MYSQL, you must consider your networks, CPU, memory, and operating system or systems and migration tools and process. Clovertex will assess all aspects and leverage both automated and manual processes to ensure that your migration is smooth and successful.

Oracle to Amazon Aurora MYSQL

Clovertex database migration team can help you take advantage of Amazon Aurora MySQL or RDS MySQL. We can move your Oracle databases from the on-premises environment into the Amazon cloud quickly and efficiently.

SQL Server to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL

Clovertex offers comprehensive IT cost management to help you optimize spend across software, infrastructure, SaaS, and cloud. Our solutions meet the unique needs of teams across your organization by ensuring the efficient use of IT investments.

Oracle to Amazon EC2

We know how to migrate your Oracle databases to AWS EC2 and configure it according to your needs.

SQL Server to Amazon Aurora MySQL

Clovertex has helped customers migrate MySQL to Amazon Aurora MySQL/RDS MySQL and take advantage of cloud benefits such as high availability, security, and scalability at the reasonable price.

Our Assessment Methodology

Step 1


  • Current System

  • Identify DBs

  • Application Footprint

  • DB Dependencies

  • Application Dependencies

  • VM setups

  • Storage

  • Network

  • DB Features (High Level)

  • Security Setup

  • Identify Stakeholder

  • Business Readiness
Step 2


  • Run AWS Assessment Utilities

  • Explore Third Party Tools

  • Build and Analyze Assessment Report

  • Build Database Target Mapping

  • Build Infrastructure landscape

  • Build Cost Analysis
Step 3


  • Identify DB Landscape

  • Identify Volume of DBs

  • Identify Line of Code Conversion

  • Identify DB migration candidates

  • Identify DR and HA Setup

  • Identify DB Features

  • Identify Gaps

  • Identify Application Level Configuration

  • Identify DB & Application Level Dependencies
Step 4

Identify Path

  • Assess current migration complexities and Risks

  • Define Source to Target Database Mapping

  • Compare Migration Complexity to Multiple target DB

  • Define DB Migration Path

  • Define Data Storage Options

  • Finalize Tools and Technologies
Step 5

Execution Plan

  • Define Overall Scope of Migration

  • Define Migration Strategy / Approach

  • Define Timelines and effort for Overall Scope

  • Operational Capabilities

  • Build phased manner execution plan

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