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Clovertex means apex of cloud (cloud & vertex combined) Each leaf of 'Clover' in Irish represents Hope, Faith, Charity and Luck It also means Honesty, Fairness, Commitment and Loyalty to our employees, partners and customers.


Modern Cloud Solutions Provider

Clovertex, is a global information technology firm helping customers modernize their existing business systems by leveraging best of the breed modern technologies, thus allowing them to maintain their leadership in their respective areas.

Born in the cloud and in times when speed and agility are key for our customers to innovate to meet the demand of constantly changing environment, Clovertex specializes in building repeatable solutions (products) that are easy to maintain and loosely coupled using today’s technologies along with automation.

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Awards and Accreditations

CIO 100 Award

Clovertex was awarded 1ST prized by CIO 100 in HPC Compute on AWS for their HPC implementation at a Major Bio Tech. The High Performance Compute platform helped scientists analyze data faster by factors of 100% through a self-service, cloud-based, computational platform. The platform enabled scientists to run multiple analytical processes, on demand, helping to accelerate drug discovery.

AWS Select Consulting Partner

Clovertex is proud AWS Consulting Partner. Helping businesses build cutting-edge digital solutions and services by leveraging Amazon Web Services.

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