How to reduce cloud costs by 90% with AWS spot instances

According to Clovertex, spot instances are unused EC2 instances and are available for an affordable price. Not only do spot instances allows you to request EC2 instances at the most affordable costs or discounts, but it also enables you to reduce cloud cost by 90%. The question is: how can you do this? In today’s article, we will give you some tips. Read on! 

Analyze Your Workload 

It is crucial to understand and analyze your workload to take a step forward toward cloud cost reduction. What does this mean? It means you need to examine your spot instances implementation process. 

Before you get into this business, make sure you analyze the time your applications require to complete the job. If you face interruptions or disruptions, make sure you use an automation tool to optimize your workload on another instance. That way, you can avoid the problem of time constraints. 

Choose Less Popular Instances 

Once you have analyzed your workload, it is time to assess the CSP features and functions. Perform thorough research and choose less popular instances because they often lead to reduced interruptions and increased stability for a long time. While analyzing or looking through the available instances, make sure you focus on interruption frequency. 

Besides, you can use spot instances for your priority workloads. For example, AWS offers different types of spot instances, and you need to look for the one that provides uninterrupted time to up to six hours. 

When you choose a spot instance that runs for a predefined duration, you can achieve a 30% to 50% discount. It is much more effective than on-demand pricing. However, if you fail to find such a spot instance, you can’t reduce cloud costs. The good news is that you can seek help from Clovertex, a qualified, professional, and experienced cloud computing company. 

Price Bidding 

After choosing the spot instances for your workloads, you will have to set the maximum price for the spot instance that you want to use. Remember, you can use it when your bid matches the marketplace price. On the other hand, you can avoid the risk of interruptions by setting a lower bid, but if you set a custom amount and the marketplace price goes up, you will face complications. Therefore, it is essential to review the situation before bidding on your price. 

Implement Automation Tools 

Every company’s objective is to avoid downtime and achieve higher performance. However, it is not easy without implementing automation tools. Clovertex recommends implementing automation tools to manage your cloud infrastructure. Focus on auto-scaling methods to ensure everything goes smooth. 

When you use an automation tool, you can analyze the frequency and intensity of workload on a spot instance. The purpose is to reduce cloud costs and return to on-demand instances if you face interruptions. 

Final Words 

Do you want to control, manage or reduce cloud costs by 90% with AWS instances? If yes, you are in the right place. Clovertex is a professional cloud computing company with many years of experience. We have qualified professionals who can utilize spot instances effectively for your company, allowing you to save money and time. Contact us today! 

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