What is AWS Batch in Detail, and How Does it Help?

AWB Batch help companies to use AWS cloud for running batch computing workloads. Cloud experts at Clovertex have done a tremendous amount of research on batch computing. Companies can use AWS batch to manage HPC environments and job queues. The purpose is to run hundreds of thousands of jobs through Amazon EC2 and AWS Fargate. 

Our findings show that batch computing is a sophisticated method for organizations, developers, engineers, and scientists to access a wide range of large compute resources. In today’s article, we will talk about AWS Batch, its benefits, and its components. Read on! 

AWS Batch Benefits 

There are many benefits of AWS Batch for companies to run and manage HPC applications on the cloud. AWS Batch helps in the configuration and management of HPC infrastructure, providing resources in response to jobs submitted to reduce costs, eliminate capacity constraints, and deliver fast results.  

Because AWS Batch is a fully managed service, it allows you to run batch computing workloads of any size and scale. It provides resources and helps you optimize the workload distribution. AWS batch considers the scale and quantity of workloads for optimization. 

When you use AWS Batch, you won’t need to install and manage batch computing software. That way, you can focus more on result analysis and problem-solving strategies. Cloud computing professionals at Clovertex say that AWS Batch offers endless opportunities to organizations if utilized correctly. 

AWS Batch Components 

Using AWS Batch is an excellent way to simplify batch jobs execution across multiple platforms. Research shows that companies can use AWS Batch to create HPC compute environments both within the existing or new VPC. 

Your IT team can define job definitions once your compute environment is up and linked with a specific job queue. That way, you can classify the type of Docker container images and run them accurately. 

You can use container registries to store container images, which can exist outside or within your AWS infrastructure. Here are the components of AWS Batch you need to comprehend to run your HPC applications efficiently. Keep reading! 


Jobs refer to units of work, such as a Docker container image, a shell script, or a Linux executable. You can submit these units of work to the AWS Batch. Remember, each unit work has a specific name and runs as an application on Amazon EC2 or AWS Fargate. It runs as a containerized application in your HPC environment, using specified parameters in a job definition. 

Job Definitions

A job definition is a sophisticated strategy you define to ensure its accurate execution in the HPC environment. A job definition is a blueprint that focuses on resources for your job. Make sure you access other AWS resources by providing your job with an IAM role. 

Similarly, it is crucial to specify CPU and memory requirements for the accurate execution of jobs. You can use the job definition to control HPC environment variables, container properties, and mount points for storage purposes in a persistent manner. 

Job Queues

Executing a job without submitting it to a specific job queue is relatively not possible. Therefore, it is crucial to submit an AWS job to a specific job queue by associating a single or multiple HPC compute environments with a job queue. 

According to Clovertex, you can allocate priority values for your HPC environments and job queues. For instance, you can use different priority queues, such as high-priority, low-priority, and time-sensitive jobs, to run your HPC applications, especially when computer resources are inexpensive. 

Compute Environment

You can set a compute environment based on managed or unmanaged resources to run your hobs. A compute environment helps you specify your desired compute type, such as Amazon EC2 or Amazon Fargate, at different detail levels. 

You can also specify the maximum, minimum, or desired number of vCPUs for your HPC environment. AWS Batch helps you launch, manage, and terminate compute types, depending on your requirements. 

Final Words 

AWS Batch is an excellent service that allows you to schedule and execute the job in the AWS public cloud. However, it is often difficult for companies to use AWS Batch, especially if they lack knowledge about it. In this regard, you can hire a Cloud Computing Company, like Clovertex, with professional and qualified experts with many years of experience. Our team will ensure AWS Batch executes jobs from defined queues and processes in the computing environments. Contact us today!

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