What are Scientific Research Computing Platforms?

Cloud computing is an advanced service that offers servers, storage, networking, databases, software, intelligence, and analytics over the internet. Many companies use cloud computing services to streamline their business operations. It offers flexible resources, innovation, and economies of scale.

The biggest benefit of cloud computing is that companies only pay for the services they use. Thus, it helps a company lower its operating costs and run infrastructure more efficiently, leading to higher scalability of the business.

Scientific research computing involves using mathematical models and creating new algorithms based on these models. Computing experts also redesign existing algorithms to innovate the emerging computer architectures.  

Cloud computing enables researchers to more powerful resources allowing them to perform faster analysis of data and algorithms. Some of the best scientific research computing platforms are Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. Read on!

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services or AWS is an excellent platform for researchers to process complex workloads. The platform offers scalable, cost-effective database storage capabilities, secure computing, and fast procedures.

Using AWS, researchers can analyze large data pipelines and store petabytes of data. Likewise, AWS allows for advanced research capabilities using quantum, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other transformative technologies.

Besides, AWS allows researchers to access open datasets, funding, and training resources. Simply put, the platform supports revolutionary research in collaboration with local and global research organizations. The platform likewise works in various fields, including computing, engineering, biomedical, space science, and quantum information.

Google Cloud Platform

Research shows that High-Performance Computing or HPC is all about scalability, reliability, and high speeds. Google Cloud Platform allows for scalable and flexible offerings, which accelerate the time of completion, allowing researchers to transform ideas into discoveries and products.

The platform facilitates researchers to use storage, network connectivity, and powerful computational or data management tools. Google Cloud Platform facilitates data science and big data analytics that allow scientists to gain real-time insights to improve their decision-making capabilities.

Google Cloud Platform offers the right mix of storage, compute, and accelerator resources for memory-bound and compute-bound applications requiring data-dependent workloads on GPU clusters.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure offers a complete set of storage, computing, and networking resources for scientific research computing and high-performance computing applications. It facilitates researchers to use optimized application services and machine-learning tools to run smart simulations and make informed decisions.

Researchers use Microsoft Azure to streamline and accelerate their research. Microsoft Azure is an excellent platform that tends to offer more memory storage, big data analytics, solutions for IoT software development, and open-source machine learning tools. It is an efficient and flexible platform that supports various programming languages, frameworks, and tools.

The platform also offers a high-performing computing cluster that has thousands of compute servers on a single network. Each cluster has nodes that work parallel with each other, accelerating processing speed to deliver high-performance computing.

Final Words

Scientific research computing platforms offer researchers the core computing tools to conduct algorithmic experiments and computational analysis using high-performance computing machines and network storage for a hefty amount of data and research software. Clovertex has experienced and skilled IT professionals who specialize in scientific research computing platforms, especially Amazon Web Services (AWS). We offer state-of-the-art services that bring innovation, efficiency, and speed to scientific research computing. Contact us today!

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