Top 10 big data blogs to follow

Big data has become an integral part of every company, allowing them to use analytical tools to gain insights from large volumes of data and streamline their business operations. To optimize your data-related operations, it is crucial to gain information on big data trends, methods, strategies, etc. Here are the top ten big data blogs to follow in 2022. 

1. Datameer

Datameer is the most popular data analytics company worldwide, offering unique tools and strategies for businesses to improve their data operations. The company’s blog is an excellent resource for people of all skill levels to learn about big data. There is a wealth of updated information on Datameer’s blog to help you learn practical big data analytics strategies and develop skills. 

2. Smart Data Collective

The Smart Data Collective is another blog you must follow if you want to collect the information presented by the best thinkers on data, including Julie Hunt, Patrick Sutton, and Eran Levy. Each blog post is detailed and insightful. You will find and read quality content on various topics, such as software, IT, data management, big data, analytics, and business intelligence. 

3. Fast Forward Labs

Fast Forward Labs is an information-rich resource for beginners, intermediate, and advanced audiences. Each post offers detailed information and insights on the latest strategies, methods, and tools to streamline data operations. 

4. Hortonworks

Hortonworks offers a highly engaging blog section on its official website with a wealth of helpful information. Not only does the company has an easy-to-read blog section, but it also regularly post videos and webcasts, allowing people of all skill levels to learn more about big data and related subjects. 

5. Planet Big Data

Everyone in the field of data science and data engineering knows about Planet Big Data. This company collects blog posts and articles from numerous resources and intuitively publishes them. Some of the best blog posts you can find on this website are about analytics, big data, and data intelligence.

6. Analytics Vidhya

Analytics Vidhya offers a blog section with articles authored by experienced and skilled data scientists. Blog posts available on Analytics Vidhya are beneficial for people of all skill levels. It is an excellent resource for learning Python, tree-based modeling in the R language, and insights into the latest big data trends. 

7. KD Nuggets

Unlike thousands of online blogs, KD Nuggets follow a unique approach, allowing readers to access first-hand information on big data, database management, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The content is textural and graphic-rich with photos, infographics, and videos. The result-driven information you read and learn on this blog can help you secure a job in the data science or engineering field.

8. Inside Big Data

Inside Big Data is one of the best blogs run by the most famous big data influencer “Rich Brueckner.” Here, you can find articles with in-depth information on data science, data engineering, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and even deep learning. 

9. Data Mania

Lillian Pierson runs Data Mania’s blog with a primary goal of posting easy-to-understand, learn, and remember content by beginners. The author has published over 140 articles on various subjects, including big data, analytics, data science, and engineering. If you are a beginner and want to learn big data quickly and efficiently, this blog is for you. 

10. Forrester

Forrester is a world-renowned IT research platform that posts resourceful information on various subjects, including machine learning and data analytics. Forrester has a dedicated blog section for big data where renowned data scientists, including Charlie Dai, Boris Evelson, and Jennifer Belissent, post their articles. 

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