Technical Solutions to HPC in the Cloud

High-performance computing or HPC is an advanced solution for data processing and calculation at high speeds. Research shows that a desktop computer with a 3-GHz processor can carry out over three billion calculation per second.

However, it is still slow considering the complicated operations of a high-end HPC application. Experts at Clovertex say that HPC solutions can carry out quadrillions of data calculations per second.

If you want to get the most out of your HPC application in the Cloud, you need to understand and deploy technical solutions. These include Parallel Cluster, AWS Batch, containerization, and Workflow Managers. Read on!

Parallel Cluster

Parallel Cluster is an open-source management tool that you can use to carry out different operations, including deployment and management of HPC clusters in Cloud. Because it is an open-source project, it allows companies to create a high-quality HPC environment in the Cloud.

Parallel Clusters like AWS allows you to set up compute resources and filesystem automatically. Not only can you use Parallel Cluster with batch schedulers, but you can also use it with Slurm and AWS Batch.

Besides, Parallel Cluster enables you to carry out production deployments. For example, you can create higher-level workflows, including a genomics portal to automate and streamline the DNA sequencing workflow.

AWS Batch

AWS Batch allows you to manage your batch jobs without installing any third-party tools. It is one of the best technical solutions for HPC in the Cloud that enables you to perform and schedule your on-demand batch jobs.

Besides, you don’t need to install any servers or batch software. The tool will manage everything for you and overcome many complexities related to managing, scheduling, planning, and execution of batch jobs.

The interesting thing is that you can fully integrate AWS batch with the AWS platform. Thus, it allows you to use AWS’s networking, management, and scaling features. As a result, it becomes safer and easier for the jobs to write and retrieve data consistently to and from AWS Data Stores, including S3 and DynamoDB.


Previously, HPC applications would run for large data sets in the data center. The primary benefit of having containerization of HPC applications is its portability features. For instance, you can package HPC cloud applications and run them across the clusters to overcome problems of a large dataset.

Containerization is beneficial in powering micro-services architecture, such as event-driven architecture (which you can learn more about here and any HPC application built with such as methodology have a chunk of smaller services that you can package in containers.

Each micro-service can maintain its life cycle with independent development, granular patching, scaling, and fault remediation. Moreover, using containers in micro-service architecture can lead to modularity, speed, and scalability.

HPC with containers has a large set of software components and libraries to run high-end HPC application in the Cloud. That way, containers help HPC workloads to overcome complexities and streamline the deployment process.

Workflow Managers

Modern HPC is changing rapidly and focuses on performance and scalability as its main objectives. Besides these goals, HPC focuses on other prominent factors, such as introducing AI technologies and big data analytics in HPC workflows and requirements for better performance, usability, and reproducibility of workflows.

Currently, there is a need for performance under rigorous power constraints for high-end computing. Companies are also focusing on native HPC and cloud simulations. Because HPC is becoming prevalent in scientific research, workflow managers help ease burdens on scientists and researchers by arranging computational task or experiments.

Furthermore, workflow managers can automate different stages of workflow interact and control the data flow between stages. As a result, it helps scientists to manage their dependencies and organize the launching and re-launching of jobs in order.

Final Words

Clovertex is a reputable IT company that offers a wide range of services, such as high-performance computing, managed cloud services, database migration, and more. We have professional and qualified IT team with many years of experience in cloud computing. If you are looking for high-quality and sophisticated technical solutions to HPC in the Cloud, contact us today!

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