Managed Cloud Services

Clovertex supplies comprehensive managed services, staff, and capabilities to ensure our clients can achieve operational excellence with their cloud environments. Our methodology includes thoroughly assessing your business needs to determine an approach to managing all aspects of your cloud platforms.

Clovertex creates a custom operations framework by providing specific services to address end-to-end management of cloud infrastructures, availability, and data management for peak operational performance. We will fully maintain and secure your cloud environments so you and your staff can concentrate on tasks that deliver a competitive advantage.

What We Offer


Clovetex, will ensure your day-to-day cloud operations is hassle free with Manage Cloud Operation Service offering. You can seamlessly manage a highly available and persistent cloud environment with optimized resource utilization and reduced cloud spend.

Intelligent Monitoring

Clovertex Intelligent Monitoring framework proactively monitors the health of your systems, allowing you to address minor issues before they escalate into larger issues that impact your business

Incident Management

Clovertex Incident Management supports the incident management process with the ability to identify and log incidents, classify and prioritize incidents, assign incidents to appropriate users or groups, escalate, resolve, and report incidents

Infrastracture Management

Clovertex infrastructure and application experience enables high availability and continuous optimization in a hybrid cloud across the business application ecosystem.


Clovertex DevOps competency group has structured its 6 C’s offering across the DevOps SDLC into five phases: Continuous Planning, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Continuous Deployment, and Continuous Monitoring & feedback and continuous innovation

Cost Optimization

Clovertex offers comprehensive IT cost management to help you optimize spend across software, infrastructure, SaaS, and cloud. Our solutions meet the unique needs of teams across your organization by ensuring the efficient use of IT investments

Cloud Security

Improve your cloud’s security posture with real-time visibility into misconfigurations based on out-of-the box security rules and custom policies

Cloud Governance

Clovertex Cloud Governance service helps Gain consistency and control over your cloud environment by automating governance policies and increasing accountability.