HPC (High-Performance Computing) in the Cloud

High-performance computing or HPC focuses on the development of parallel processing systems and algorithms. The objective is to achieve high-level computational techniques to carry out research activities and solve advanced problems.

Computing, networking, and storage are the three main components of HPC. A company creates a network of multiple computer servers to develop a framework of high-performance computing architecture.

While many companies perceive privacy and security advantages of on-premises HPC, there are many downsides of on-premises HPC. An increasing number of companies and businesses are moving their HPC workloads to the cloud. In today’s article, we will highlight the challenges of on-premises HPC and the benefits of HPC in the cloud. Read on!

Challenges of on-premises HPC

Traditionally, companies would perceive on-premises solutions as a proven investment, but there are substantial hidden costs to maintain on-premises HPC. Research shows that the demand for on-premises HPC resources usually exceeds capacity by 300%.

Large Capital Investment

On-premises HPC requires large capital investment in storage, GPU servers, security, network, and other supporting infrastructure. All these frameworks require a company to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the infrastructure scale.

Additionally, your company will purchases software licenses. You would need an experienced and qualified staff to develop, deploy, and maintain the on-premises high-performance computing system.

Difficulty in Installation and Maintenance

One of the main downsides of on-premises HPC is installation and maintenance. For example, if you purchase the application, you will need to install, maintain, and update it. On-premises implementations take a long time to complete installation on servers and individual computers and laptops

Experts argue that data storage on-site can be a problem because anything from a power failure to hardware problems to a physical disaster can lead to data loss. Depending on the situation, a company may need to recreate the entire system.

Benefits of HPC in the Cloud

Experts at Clovertex believe that cloud computing is more of a business model than technology. However, cloud computing allows for certain technical capabilities and benefits to HPC applications. Shifting simulations to cloud HPC resources allow companies to benefit from various standard and speciality hardware at unimaginable scales.


The cloud enables companies of all sizes to reap various benefits of HPC and save money. Your business can benefit from a pay-per-use model instead of investing in the HPC resources on-site or on-premises. You will pay for what you need and have the chance to add services and scale up if the need arises.

Upgraded Equipment

One issue with on-premise HPC is the obsoleting equipment, which means your company needs regular updates to benefit from HPC. On the other hand, Cloud HPC resolves this issue because service providers always upgrade the equipment and update the software to meet your requirements and stay current within the industry.

Maintain Resources

When using HPC in the cloud for your business, you don’t always need to use the same service. It is fairly elastic to use high-performance computing in the cloud, which means you can easily add or subtract resources at your workload changes. If you need an adaptable environment, you can avoid expensive equipment and upgrades while still reap the benefits of HPC in the cloud. Are you looking for high-quality cloud computing services? Do you want to shift from on-premises HPC to high-performance computing in the cloud? If yes, Clovertex has highly qualified and experienced professionals that can help you make the transition smooth and streamlined. Contact us today!

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