HPC Cloud Architecture to Reduce HPC Workflow

High-performance computing (HPC) users face a wide range of problems, primarily when they perform HPC jobs to manage workflows. The common issues are compatibility, complexity, application scalability, and workflow management. 

Traditional HPC systems have various problems, including scalability, application expansion, portability, flexibility, integration, and cost-effectiveness. According to Clovertex, cloud architecture based on containerization can help solve these issues. 

Therefore, it is essential to use cloud computing services to reduce HPC workflow and manage resources in a more streamlined manner. Although cloud-based approaches can help solve scalability-related problems, they often lead to lower performance due to virtualization degradation. Read on! 

HPC Cloud Architecture Based on Container Solutions 

Clovertex has experienced and professional cloud computing experts who can provide you with a better cloud architecture based on container solutions to help manage workflows. The contain environment is one of the best solutions to overcome workflow challenges. 

Therefore, it is essential to integrate your existing high-performance computing with container solutions to design better HPC workflows, leading to improved flow of tasks and execution on HPC resources. Here are a few container tools or solutions you can use to develop a better HPC cloud architecture. Continue reading!


Docker is a state-of-the-art, effective, and reliable container technology that allows you to run different libraries, packages, and applications in a secure environment. Unlike virtual machine-based virtualization, Docker offers a more streamlined isolated technology, enabling you to carry out resource sharing to improve performance. 


Although singularity is relatively a new technology that offers unique features to manage your HPC workloads and workflows, you can integrate singularity with your resource manager on the host, such as:

  • Scheduler
  • HPC interconnects 
  • File system 
  • GPUs 

One of the biggest advantages of singularity is container mobility, allowing you to run it in any workload without modifying the host. Therefore, if you want to reduce workflow and improve performance, Clovertex recommends using this container-based solution. 


The Shifter is an excellent container-based solution to reduce your HPC workflows because it provides you with a user-defined image manager, a user interface for container distribution, and resource workload management options in the HPC environment. 

Besides, Shifter allows for covering a wide range of image types and details about container-based workflow management. Bear in mind that traditional HPC uses a batch scheduler without integrating it with a container scheduler. However, you can manage this with the Shifter, leading to automation and improved management. Other solutions to reduce HPC workflow in the cloud architecture are:

  • Charlie cloud
  • Sarus
  • JEDI

Final Words 

According to Clovertex, containerization is a practical approach to cloud high-performance computing, leading to streamlined management and supercomputing resource utilization. Likewise, a single cloud environment with container-based technology integration can provide practical solutions to reducing HPC workflows. 

That way, you can resolve problems related to application expansion, HPC complexity, and compatibility. Clovertex professional and experienced cloud programmers and managers can help resolve issues related to workload management, portability, flexibility, scalability, and cost. 

We have years of experience in HPC cloud architecture design and implementation. We will deploy a container-based HPC cloud system to ensure reducing your HPC workflows. Contact us today for more details. 

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