High Performance Computing


Clovertex specializes in scientific research computing platforms. We have solutions to process raw data on Amazon Web Services from Illumina sequencers and Thermofisher Scientific CRYO-Electron Microscopes.

In addition to building pipelines, we have AWS Parallel Cluster (Cfn Cluster) and AWS Batch architecture based platforms for various genomics and research applications.

These applications on AWS provide scalability, zero wait time and zero resource sharing for research scientists to be more productive and bring the research time from days to hours and weeks to days.

Importance of HPC

High Performance Computing is often referred to as an environment, with an ability to process large volumes of data, or perform complex computational tasks at high speeds. This ability is foundational for various research organizations, in their efforts to ask tough questions, and deliver successful results. The resulting scientific breakthroughs are now prevalent in every industry vertical.

To build such a high-performance architecture, organizations deploy a cluster of networked servers. It is not uncommon for HPC clusters to consist of hundreds or thousands of servers. Each server is referred to as a compute node. Software tools and algorithms run in parallel on these compute nodes, simultaneously accessing a shared data storage environment for input, processing and output activities. The maximum performance of such an environment, is dependent on the optimum configuration of, research tools, system software, and infrastructure components.

As researchers look to new tools and computational methods to solving problems, these traditional HPC environments are proving to be restrictive.

A new approach is needed.

Why HPC in the Cloud

Researchers now desire a highly customizable HPC environment, with unique capabilities based on their specific research needs. To keep pace with scientific activities, organizations need to build and deliver flexible HPC services, not rigid architectures. Elasticity in allocating compute-network-storage resources is key to delivering the desired flexibility.

In addition, many organizations have teams in multiple locations needing to collaborate on research activities. They are often plagued by access issues and job scheduling problems associated with legacy HPC infrastructure.

Over the last few years, cloud providers have been able to provide increased flexibility and scalability when deploying infrastructure resources. Additionally, they provide an ability to access specialized hardware resources on-demand. They have also enabled fast creation and use, of highly customized software and programming environments.

Organizations can now deploy, customized services-oriented HPC environments in the cloud, based on research needs.

Clovertex Advantage

Partnered with leading cloud providers, Clovertex brings years of cloud and HPC expertise to enable researchers to get productive at once. We provide a full solution tailored to specific research needs, so that the HPC workload can be seamlessly moved to the cloud.

Clovertex partners with IT stakeholders within your organizations, to deliver solutions up to 10X faster, with a keen eye on ease-of deployment and use. Clovertex has experience in developing solutions based in sound design principles, that take into account enterprise grade reliability, security and compliance requirements. Clovertex has a proven track record of helping organizations exploit all avenues pertaining to operational excellence and cost optimization.

Clovertex Offering

Infrastructure selection and management for HPC
Evaluation of price/performance metrics and ROI studies
Migration assistance

Integration of on-premise and cloud infrastructure and workflows
Define user access and administration procedures
Code modernization if required

Benchmarking tools and techniques