Deep Dive Into Visualization in Relation to HPC

High-performance computing (HPC) is a field that undergoes constant evolution. Researchers and scientists often see this evolution in the HPC systems composition themselves. Scientists, developers, engineers, and companies use HPC systems to gain a deeper understanding of different sectors, such as physics, energy, medicine, and even national security. 

Visualization is a cutting-edge technology that enables companies to facilitate insight into data across different platforms or applications, including high-performance computing. Visualization is an effective tool that allows you to confirm and communicate data trends to IT teams and managers. In today’s article, we will delve deep into visualization on the subject of HPC. Read on! 

Benefits of Visualization for HPC 

According to Clovertex, visualization is an effective tool to understand complex patterns on underlying models in high-performance computing. HPC paradigms use large-scale clusters for simulation and modelling. 

However, these clusters do not address the visualization processes after simulation. Instead, simulations that produce data is copied to workstations or servers with GPUs so that companies can visualize and render data. 

Visualization offers mitigate the risk of inefficiency and time-consuming processes, such as transferring and copy of data. HPC-based visualization focuses on CPUs and GPUs for high-fidelity visualization and rendering. 

Here at Clovertex, our experts help companies utilize application and visualization tools, such as 3DExcite, Corona, VisIt, and ParaView, to improve the visual fidelity and performance of professional visualizations and rendering. 

In-Situ Visualization: You can render visualizations on the same HPC clusters to generate data without copying data sets to rendering farms and GPU workstations. 

Scalability: Software-based visualizations allow for more accurate and detailed simulations for larger HPC clusters, helping you to produce larger data sets. For example, SDVis enables you to discover simulations growth with visualizations. 

Large Memory Capacity: CPU-based visualization and rendering are effective in accessing the memory pool of all servers in your HPC clusters. As a result, you can visualize larger data sets and improve fidelity and accuracy. 

High Performance: Software-based visualization enables you to use parallelism and memory capacity of clusters to improve the performance of your HPC applications. 

High Profile Visualization Tools 

There are many tools for visualization used to visualize data of your high-performance computing applications. Each tool has a specific data model and implementation strategy. You can use visualization tools to handle and manage data on levels to improve HPC performance. Clovertex experts recommend the following in-situ visualization tools or techniques for high-performance computing applications. 

  • AVS and OpenDX
  • VTK
  • VisIt and ParaView
  • VTK-m
  • Parallel Graphics Pipelines
  • Sort-first Rendering 
  • Sort-middle Rendering
  • Sort-last Rendering
  • Direct Send
  • Binary-Swap
  • Swap
  • Radix-K

Final Words 

Clovertex has experienced HPC experts that can help in the flexible deployment of visualization tools for your high-performance computing applications. Our professionals can even assist in visualizing data in an environment of your choice.

We use high-profile visualization tools to support various operating systems, deliver numerous CPU and GPU configurations and storage or memory configurations. Moreover, we provide high-quality HPC services to improve your business operations and eliminate the need to purchase workstations by accessing HPC workstations configured to your needs. Contact us today

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