Clovertex + AWS

Leveraging a strategic combination of scientific knowledge and AWS technical expertise, Clovertex provides industry-ready solutions and technology to the Biopharma Industry on AWS.

Specializing in High Performance Computing (HPC) and Big Data Solutions for Biotech and Pharma

Clovertex brings years of scientific domain expertise along with technological depth to enable researchers to focus on science without worrying about infrastructure. Clovertex provides solutions and consulting engagements tailored specifically for discovery research needs. Clovertex is also actively engaged in providing AWS DevOps, Managed Services and Database Services including Database migrations and managed support to our Global customers.

Learn how Clovertex can help you process, analyze, and report faster than ever on AWS

Clovertex Solutions

Reduce research time by improving HPC scalability, performance, and speed

Services, staff, and capabilities to ensure operational excellence

Build and migrate scientific research HPC and data platforms to AWS

Solutions for AI, Machine Learning, Data Lake, and Predictive Analytics

Multiomics & bioinformatics based offerings for Healthcare companies

High Performance Computing

Managed Cloud Services

Database Migration

Big Data / Analytics



Scientific Discovery Platform

A Scientist-First Approach to Scientific Workflows

Built with the drug discovery process and scientific workflows in mind, the NUMEN™ scientific discovery platform provides scientists with access to domain-specific tools and data with a fast, scalable, and cost-efficient infrastructure that can be deployed in a single click.

Clovertex & AWS Better Together

At the intersection of science and technology, Clovertex specializes in architecting, building, automating, and managing high-performance applications and scientific workflows using cloud computing technologies for biopharma customers. Clovertex provides products and services to streamline and accelerate drug discovery research.

With the breadth and depth of Cloud services AWS has to offer, the biopharma customers can get results faster, scale up and down as required and run cost efficient workloads on the cloud. Clovertex and AWS together bring the capabilities and the advantages of the cloud to the customers faster.

The biopharma discovery research customers enjoy the benefits of this partnership, by focusing on what they do best, without worrying about the undifferentiated heavy lifting for infrastructure, while maintaining the access controls and security guardrails in place, and collaborate effectively within the organization or across the globe for accelerated drug discovery.

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