7 Tools Used For Big Data Analytics

Big data enables businesses to generate valuable insights and streamline their operations, including marketing, advertising, and sales projects. Companies often take the help of data analytics consulting services who use big data for predictive modeling, training machines, and advanced analytics applications in machine learning projects. Big data, in general, refers to a large volume of data, datasets, databases, etc. Here are the top seven tools for big data analytics. Read on! 

  1. Open Refine

Open Refine is one of the best tools used for big data analytics. It is a data cleaning software that organizes and refines data for analysis. Not only does it performs analysis on rows of data, but it also operates on relational dataset tables. 

We recommend this tool to companies that require cleaning disorganized data, parsing data from websites, and data transformation. You can use the tool to add essential data to a dataset after collecting it from web services. Open Refine is an excellent tool for geocoding addresses and coordinates.

2. Tableau Public

Tableau Public is an easy-to-use and intuitive big data analytics tool. It uses visualization algorithms for data analysis and power models to generate insights from the analyzed data. Besides, the tool allows individuals and companies to investigate a hypothesis, explore data, and perform the cross-check process on insights. 

In addition, you can use the tool for publishing interactive data visualizations to online platforms without spending money. Another benefit of using Public Tableau is that the tool does not require any programming skills.


KNIME is another reliable big data analytics tool, offering numerous features, including data manipulation, analysis, and modeling through visual programming. One thing that makes KNIME unique from other tools is its integration with different components for data mining. At the same time, you can integrate KNIME with numerous machine learning tools. 

The primary benefit of using KNIME is saving time and resources because it has an intuitive drag-and-drop design and does not require coding skills. The tool supports a comprehensive range of programming languages, including python and R. You can also use the tool for running biological data.

4. Google Fusion Tables

“Google Fusion Tables” is one of the most sophisticated tools for big data analytics, allowing you to analyze, map, and visualize large volumes of data and datasets. You can also add the tool to your business’s analytics tools list. Another benefit of using Google Fusion Tables is visualizing large databases online. 

Google Fusion Tables can filter and summarize thousands of rows in the database. Besides, it can combine data from different web platforms and present it in an organized manner. You can also merge numerous tables to create a single visualization. Likewise, the tool allows for creating a map efficiently and quickly.

5. Rapid Miner

If your tasks involve machine learning, we recommend using the Rapid Liner. It is a perfect tool for data mining procedures, such as visualization, processing, predictive analytics, and statistical data modeling. 

The Java-based tool operates and analyzes data efficiently and quickly. In addition, the tool provides an integrated environment for machine learning, predictive data analysis, and business analytics. You can also use the tool for commercial and business application development.

6. NodeXL

NodeXL is another best big data analytics tool available online. The tool allows for accurate data analysis and visualization. It is an open-source software you can use for network analysis. You can also use NodeXL for the statistical modeling of datasets and databases. 

Besides, the tool offers advanced network metrics and allows importing network data and automating processes. Some of the key features of NodeXL are data import, graph analysis, graph visualization, and data representation.

7.Google Search Operators

Last but not least, “Google Search Operators” is a powerful tool that helps you analyze online data, including information from Google SERPs. It is an effective tool for businesses to collect relevant data and perform automated analyses for valuable information and insights. The primary use of Google Search Operators is accurate, reliable, efficient, and fast filtering of Google SERPs.

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