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Our Services

Comprehensive managed services, staff, and capabilities to ensure our clients can achieve operational excellence with their cloud environments.

Clovertex specializes in scientific research computing platforms. We have solutions to process raw data on Amazon Web Services from Illumina sequencers and Thermofisher Scientific CRYO-Electron Microscopes.

Clovertex’s highly experienced team follows a structured, efficient approach to help you plan and perform a successful migration of your on-premises databases to cloud platform.

Clovertex offers consulting services for big data development, solution architecture, and design, and implementation services using all current big data technologies.

Machine learning is about drawing a line where machines do the routine well-defined jobs and from there people can take over and apply their intelligence about their business. Clovertex has repeatable solutions to crawl, create, classify, store and publish content.


Modern Cloud Solutions Provider

Clovertex is a cloud organization that specializes in architecting, building, automating and managing applications that revolve around data processing. Team of highly skilled individuals specialize in providing services for High Performance Computing for Scientific Applications, Machine Learning (ML), Big Data / Analytics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), database and application migration services.

Why Choose Us


Clovertex Advantage

Partnered with leading cloud providers, Clovertex brings years of cloud and HPC expertise to enable researchers to get productive at once. We provide a full solution tailored to specific research needs, so that the HPC workload can be seamlessly moved to the cloud.

Clovertex partners with IT stakeholders within your organizations, to deliver solutions up to 10X faster, with a keen eye on ease-of deployment and use. Clovertex has experience in developing solutions based in sound design principles, that take into account enterprise grade reliability, security and compliance requirements. Clovertex has a proven track record of helping organizations exploit all avenues pertaining to operational excellence and cost optimization.